Bridgnorth Aluminium take delivery of two Proscan Magnums

The Proscan Magnum is rapidly becoming the benchmark for offline shape measurement of aluminium strip.

End users of aluminium strip products are demanding a higher quality and flatter material than every before. This is where the Proscan Magnum comes into its own. The Proscan Magnum was developed specifically for offline measurement of flatness of strip products.

Stresses within the rolled and levelled strip mean a residual "shape" remains within the material. This shape is evident when a sample of strip is laid on a flat surface and small buckles detected. The Proscan Magnum scans the strip in both the X and Y axis (length and width) at user specified intervals. It also measures edge and centre buckle along the length of the strip by means of a laser displacement sensor. for each scan, in both axis, the wave height, waves per metre and 'I' units are calculated.

Another feature is that width, length and diagonal can be measured in a separate sequence, with user defined temperature compensation. In addition, the graphs on the screen are used to represent the flatness of each of the zones.

Proscan Magnums - moving in the steel tables ready for the granite tops Proscan Magnums - placing the granite on the steel base
       Proscan Magnums taking shape in Scantron Workshop Proscan Magnums - Finished product
  Proscan Magnums - screen shot of strip profile Proscan Magnums - Scan showing edge buckle





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