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The SUPER-MECLAB.T40 Bench Top Laser Micrometer is a high precision instrument for ultra-high accuracy diameter measurements of fluted parts, with odd or even flutes. It is ideal for the off-line checking of:

  • Drill bits
  • End mills
  • Cutting tools
  • Toothed pulleys
  • Small gears

In addition it can also be used to check the diameter, ovality and the straightness of:

  • Hard metal blanks
  • Ground pins or cylinders

The part being checked is inserted on a double V fixture, which is mounted on a manually driven slide equipped with a magnetic digital read out scale to display the displacement of the part itself; the position is continuously displayed on the screen.
Using a special guided procedure, the operator seeks the starting point, moves the part to the measurement position and starts the measuring cycle: the part is rotated by a special motor driven device using a rubber wheel laying on the part. This keeps it pushed against the V blocks and assures a “zero runout” rotation that is a rotation around a perfectly fixed axis.
During the rotation period, which is automatically set by the computer, the laser sensor scans the part at 1500 samples/second and stores all the measurements related to the positions of the upper and lower edge of the part.
Exclusive data processing software performs an accurate and repeatable diameter measurement of the part, for both odd and even fluted parts.
As a set up choice, different processing algorithms are applied, to fit the part geometry and to calculate different parameters.
The measurement cycle can be repeated at several positions along the part axis.


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Type of gauge XLS40/1500/B
Measuring field (mm) 40
Measurable diameters (mm) 0.06 - 38
Resolution (selectable) (μm) 10 / 1 / 0.1 / 0.01
Linearity (centred product) (μm) ± 0.5
Linearity (in the measuring plane) (μm) ± 0.5
Repeatability (T=1s, ±2σ) (μm) ± 0.07
Single shot repeatability (±2σ) (μm) ± 1.5
Beam spot size (s,l) (mm) 0.06 x 0.1
Side dither of the scanning plane (mm) ± 0.02
Scanning frequency (Hz) 1500
Scanning speed (m/s) 300
Gauge thermal coefficient (μm/m°C) - 11.5
Laser source VLD (Visible Laser Diode); λ = 650 nm
Dimensions of the basic system (mm) 500 x 162 x 200
Dimensions of the HP version (mm) 500 x 234 x 640
Weight of the basic system (kg) 6
Weight of the HP version (kg) 30
  • Unique for checking odd fluted parts!
  • No error due to the hysteresis (inversion error) which is typical of all dial indicator gauges (see QR-code video)
  • Contactless measurement: no part damage or scratches
  • Objective and highly reproducible results: no matter about the operator’s skill level
  • Extremely easy and quick to use: reduce inspection time and improve measurement capability
  • Highly flexible: different components and sizes can be measured without system pre-setting or re-mastering
  • Ultra accurate: measure to an accuracy previously only available in a metrology room, using much more expensive equipment and specialized personnel
  • Wide measuring field: 40mm
  • Excellent linearity: ± 0.5μm
  • Outstanding repeatability: ± 0.07μm
  • Permanent self-calibration
  • NO-VAR technology: no measuring drift due to changing room temperature by programming the coefficient of thermal expansion of the part
  • Automatic seeking of the “zero point” - a special guided procedure is available to reset the position reading at the part starting point
  • Quick tolerance check - each measured dimension can be compared with a pre-set nominal value and a tolerance range: a “traffic light” will immediately display the tolerance status of the part
  • Multiple measurements on the same part - several measurements can be taken on the same part, at different locations along the axis, to check the taper or the bending
  • Data recording and exporting - the measurement results are listed on the screen and they can be saved in the computer memory or exported in “text” or “Excel” format
  • Report printing - a measurement report can be immediately printed by using a standard PC printer. A statistical report is available for each measured dimension, the average, max and min values will be computed, as well as standard deviation and Cp and Cpk values
  • Part library for easy programming - an almost unlimited number of control sets (tolerance limits, measuring mode, etc.) can be stored in a “part library”
  • Multiple-point user re-mastering capability - it is possible to run a multiple-point re-mastering procedure to get a perfect match between the readings and the user’s masters
  • Digital oscilloscope - the waveform of the light pulse is sampled inside the gauge and transmitted to the PC. On the display screen you can see the actual signal as if you were using a digital oscilloscope

  • Drill bitsSuperMeclab Tools
  • End mills
  • Cutting tools
  • Toothed pulleys
  • Small gears

In addition it can be also used to check the diameter, ovality and the straightness of

  • Hard metal blanks
  • Ground pins or cylinders

The basic system includes everything you need to get set up, your only decision needs to be whether you want the Automatic Rotation or Manual Rotation.

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