Super-Wirelab.XY is an ultra-accurate benchtop laser gauge for analysis of diameter and ovality of wire, fibre, thin cable or rectangular-section products. Super-Wirelab builds on the popular and proven Wirelab unit with the addition of an innovative foot-driven pneumatic clamping unit to hold the specimen under tension, and a magnetic angle encoder - allowing rotation of the wire in the gauge, to map its entire profile in a matter of seconds. Like the other gauges in the range, Super-Wirelab uses AEROEL’s patented calibration and true thermal compensation protocols to provide reliable results in the metrology room or on the factory floor.

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The Wirelab family of laser diameter micrometers have been specifically designed for offline use in the Wire Industry, to measure the finished diameter and the ovality of drawn wire. The dual axis gauge provides bench-top dimensional monitoring and, by using a rotating fixture, the wire can be rotated in the beam and measured in different points around the wire. The Super-Wirelab’s angle encoder allows for the whole profile to be measured and a cross-section of the wire generated. A detailed statistical report of measured product dimensions can be printed for every batch, including a polar plot printout for the wire cross-section. No other system offers the simplicity or the performance of the Wirelab.

Super-WireLab   XY13/F XY13/B
Gauge model   XLS13XY/1500/F XLS13XY/1500/B
Measuring field
4 x 4 (1)
Measureable diameters (2)
0.02 - 1.5
0.05 - 3
Max diagonal (rectangular sect.)
Resolution (selectable)
10 / 1 / 0.1 / 0.01
Linearity (centred product) (3)
±0.5 (4)
Linearity (full range) (5)
Linearity (reduced field) (6)
Repeatability (T=1s, ±2σ)
±0.02 (7)
Single shot repeatability (±2σ) (µm)
±0.75 (8)
Beam spot size (s,l) (9)
0.02 x 0.1
0.05 x 0.1
Scanning frequency
1500 (X) x 1500 (Y)
Scanning speed
Gauge thermal coefficient (10)
Laser source
VLD (Visible Laser Diode);  λ = 650nm
Dimensions (11)
292 x 240 x 255
Weight (12)


(1)     For Ø≤0.1mm, for smaller diameters the field is proportionally reduced up to 1 x 1mm for Ø = 0.05mm.
(2)      Maximum measureable diameters limited by the fixture configuration.
(3)     Related to the average diameter (X=Y)/2.  The value is inclusive of the Aeroel's masters uncertainty (± 0.3µm).
(4)     For Ø≤0.1mm. Per Ø>1mm the linearity is ±1µm.
(5)     Maximum measurable shift of the average diameter (X+Y)/2, when a master is moved along the two S and Y axes crossing the centre of the field, checked with Ø=1mm.  the value is inclusive of the Aeroel's masters uncertainty (± 0.3µm).
(6)     The reduced field is 2x2mm.
(7)     For Ø≤0.5mm. For Ø>0.5mm the repeatability is ± 0.3µm.
(8)     For Ø≤3mm. For Ø>3mm the repeatability is ± 1.5µm.
(9)     Elliptical spot. "s" is the thickness and "I" is the width.
(10)   This is the measuring error due toa change in the ambient temperature when measuring a part with zero thermal expansion coefficient (INVAR). This is specified for gauges using a software PRESET for the NO-VAR option and when the rate of change of the ambient termperature is lower than 3o/h.  When the NO-VAR option is ENABLED, the gauge thermal expension coefficient is programmable by the user.
(11)    Laser sensor, base and fixture in starting posiion.
(12)    Laser sensor, base and fixture.

• Continuous self-calibration ensures drift-free measurement and puts an end to re-calibration procedures that are required with other gauges
• Wire can be rotated in the beam to measure diameter over full 360 degrees
• Polar plot generation of entire product cross-section
• Data can be stored in memory – up to 200 products and up to 500 individual samples
• Pneumatic clamping system with foot pedal operation
• Rugged construction means years and years of trouble-free operation even in harsh environments, backed by a 3 year warranty
• Product library means that new jobs can be set up in 2-3 seconds with no need to programme the nominal size or tolerance limits
• Stored data is processed to generate statistics for your job
• Data can be transferred to a PC via the RS232 port

Additional benefits
• Objective and highly reproducible results: no matter what the operator’s skill level
• Ultra accurate: measures to an accuracy previously only achievable in a metrology room, using expensive equipment and specialised personnel
• Highly flexible: different samples and sizes can be measured with NO need for system pre-setting or re-mastering
• Extremely fast and easy to use: reduce inspection time and improve measurement capability
• Competitive price: the favourable cost-to-benefit ratio ensures a quick payback time
• Quality certification: measurement results can be immediately recorded and processed by an external computer to get custom made printed reports
• 3 years guarantee: long operational life due to high quality components and a solid state laser diode


Offline measurement of cable, wire, fibre or rectangular section product.

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