Polaris series; high-precision, robust, flexible

The POLARIS series displacement sensors have proven successful in hundreds of difficult, high tolerance applications owing to their extreme precision and rugged reliability. They provide non-contact measurement of distance, thickness, width, height, or flatness, depending on the configuration, at a high measurement frequency. Thanks to their high-resolution CCD line array and the integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP), they provide accurate measurement results for online process monitoring and control. Through tighter process control, return on investment (ROI) can be achieved within a short period of time.
The POLARIS series sensors provide precise results on virtually all materials at any production speed.
They automatically adapt to changing colours and surfaces. Even measurements on shiny aluminium, non-vulcanised black rubber, and on soft or sticky materials are possible.

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  Measuring Range (mm) Stand Off (mm) Resolution (μm) Repeatability (μm) Linearity (μm)
Polaris 10 10 51 0.2 ± 4.5 7
Polaris 30 30 100 0.5 ± 10 20
Polaris 70 70 190 1 ± 20 45
Polaris 130 130 220 2 ± 45 85
Polaris 250 250 380 4 ± 70 150
Polaris 400 400 440 6 ± 140 250
General Data
Laser type, wavelength Diode, 670 nm (red)
Laser power, class 1mW, 2
Measuring frequency up to 4KHz
Interfaces RS485, Analogue 4-20mA 112 bit resolution
Interface Modules RS232 ASCII, Ethernet UDP, Profibus DP
Power supply 24VDC, 100mA
Enclosure rating IP 65
Dimensions 39 x 109 x 168mm
Weight 1100g
Operating conditions 0 - 40°C / 35 - 85% rel. humidity, non-condensing
  • Extremely high resolution (down to 0.2μm/7.9μin)
  • Self-contained, compact housing
  • Fast measurement (up to 4kHz)
  • Very high precision on virtually all surfaces
  • CCD line array with powerful built-in DSP
  • Programmable filter functions
  • Flexible interfacing options
  • Bar material (endless/piece): distance, width, thickness, straightness, longitudinal profile, cross profile.
  • Web material and boards: distance, width, thickness, flatness, longitudinal profile, cross profile, sag
  • Materials on drums: diameter, face profile
  • Other examples: position, alignment, deflection, sag, concentricity, clearance, runout

 Sensor applications


  • Adjustable sensor mounting bracket
  • Discrete outputs (2), opto-isolated, programmable
  • Individual measuring distances and ranges on customer request
  • Air purging housing to keep sensors clean and cool
  • Customer-specific software
  • Panel and large displays
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