PD Series Laser

PD laser: precise allrounder

PD series line lasers are designed for heavy duty industrial applications where a clear, precise line is desired for alignment purposes. The cylindrical aluminium housing with Ø 40mm fits the brackets commonly used on machines worldwide. It incorporates the wide range power supply, control electronics, laser diode and multiple element precision glass optics. PD lasers withstand even the hardest conditions in areas where dirt and contamination are a normal part of the environment. The wide range power supply operates on mains power worldwide and can tolerate massive surges and power fluctuations.

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Models Laser power Line length Laser class
LAP 1 PDL 1mW up to 1m 1
LAP 3 PDL 3mW up to 2m 1
LAP 5 PDL 5mW up to 4m 1
LAP 10 PDL 10mW up to 7m 2
LAP 15 PDL 15mW up to 12m 2
LAP 30 PDL 30mW up to 18m 2M
Laser data
Laser type diode
Wavelength 635nm
Laser colour red
Divergence 0.5mrad
Operating voltage AC 100 ... 240VAC
Power consumption < 200mA
Enclosure rating IP 54
Dimensions Length 210mm, Ø 40mm
Weight 540g
Application conditions -10 ... +40°C, 35 - 90% rel. humidity, non condensing
Output power 1 ... 30mW
  • Diameter 40mm, international compatible
  • Wide range power supply 100 ... 240V AC
  • Virtually immune against power line spikes and surges
  • Sawmills
  • Stone
  • Automotive
  • Assembly
Bracket - three degrees of freedom


Bracket for mounting on flat surfaces
Three degrees of freedom: turn laser around longitudinal axis, move laser left/right by slothole,
turn 5° around vertical axis by vernier

Bracket - four degrees of freedom


Bracket for mounting on precision tubes
Four degrees of freedom: turn laser around longitudinal axis, tilt laser, move laser left/right
on precision tube, turn 5° around vertical axis by vernier


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