Masterline Software

Non-contact part length measurement & statistical reporting

Masterline is an online software system for length measurement of discreet parts or components.

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System Composition

The system comprises of a LaserSpeed measurement sensor, a windows based PC fitted with industrial I/O cards and a dedicated software package called Proscan MasterTrak.  The sensor measures the length online of each part as it passes the sensor.

The MasterLine software enables the user to capture true length as parts are transported on a conveyer or roller table. The system offers a flexible solution for all types of process lines. Masterline is capable of measuring accurately on various types of material such as soft, fragile, abrasive and hot products, where traditional measurement methods have proved not to be effective or reliable. MasterLine provides real time length measurement, displaying absolute dimensions to the process line operator. In addition to this invaluable function, the system also logs every measurement, enabling detailed statistical reports to be produced. MasterLine has an option available for proportional feedback control for automatically regulating the process to maintain the correct dimensions.


Screen image for software


  • Numeric display of real time length
  • Graphic trend display of lengths over time
  • Tolerance and pre-alarm status indicators
  • Deviation from nominal display
Summary Report:
  • Automatic generation of summary report after each measurement batch
  • Report will contain product information and basic measurement statistics such as; number of samples, min, max, std deviation, range, cp & cpk
Process Control:
  • Dynamic proportional length control for automatic process regulation
Productivity Reporting:
  • Password protected area containing productivity information
  • Number of batches per shift
  • % above & below tolerance per shift
  • Utilisation % ie (total shift hours compared with total logging hours)
  • Average time to produce each batch
History Archive of Data:
  • Measurement data is logged in CSV format and can easily be exported to other software packages such as Excel
Product Library:
  • Allows instant system set-up recalling measurement parameters for different products

Screen image of Software

Applications Metals
  • Tube length
  • Bar length
  • Plate length
  • Blanking line length
  • Hot bloom or billet length
Applications Non Metals
  • Insulation board length
  • Wood products
  • Gypsum or MDF board length
  • Rubber sheet length
  • Non woven sheet length
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