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Atlas series:  Small, PRECISE, versatile

Building on the successes and proven technology of the POLARIS and ANTARIS series sensors, we now offers the ATLAS, a digital measurement sensor of smaller proportions, yet offering all of the precision of its larger siblings. The ATLAS, having a user programmable DSP, offers flexibility no other sensor in its class can match. The pure digital signal processing from the CMOS-array through the DSP to the RS485 interface retains the quality of the measurements. Optional RS232, ProfiBUS DP, analogue or Ethernet UDP interfaces add versatility. The ATLAS sensors are especially suitable for automation and in-line production monitoring, paying off in short time through improved production documentation and quality assurance.
The ATLAS sensors can easily be integrated in machinery and equipment due to their small size. They measure virtually any surface, independent of colour and surface finish. The automatic control of laser power and exposure time yields precise results on polished aluminium as well as on unvulcanised rubber.
The ATLAS sensors do not require any external controllers and can be connected via analogue or digital interfaces. In instrumentation and control, tolerance checking, sorting, position or alignment detection, ATLAS laser sensors provide the precision and reliability to solve your measurement task!


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Type Measuring Range (mm) Offset (mm) Repeatability (μm) Measurement uncertainty (Accuracy) [μm]* / %**
Atlas 10 10 25 ± 1 ±2 / 0,02
Atlas 40 30 60 ± 3 ±6 / 0,015
Atlas 100 100 100 ± 10 ±15 / 0,015

* derived from DIN 32877, average from 64 single valves       ** % of measuring range

Technical Data
Laser type, wavelength Diode, 670nm, red
Laser power 1mW
Laser class 2
Sampling frequency parameterisable, up to 4KHz
Interfaces analog 4 ... 20mA (galv. separated), digital RS485 (optically isolated)
Interface modules RS232 ASCII, Ethernet UDP, Profibus DP
Power supply 18 .... 30VDC, <250mA
Enclosure rating IP 67
Dimensions (LxWxH) 80mm × 65mm × 32mm
Weight ca. 250g
Ambient conditions 0 ... 40°C / 35 ... 85% rel. humidity, non-condensing
  • Extremely high resolution (down to 0.04μm/0.002μinch)
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Fast measurement rate (up to 10kHz)
  • Very high precision on virtually all surfaces
  • Versatile interface options
  • Programmable filter functions

Additional interface modules are available for:

  • RS232 ASCII
  • Ethernet UDP
  • Profibus DP 

We offer software for data collection, visualisation and documentation. For archiving it can be provided with a SQL database or it can be linked to existing customer databases. Software versions are available for distance measuring with single sensor to multi-track measurement of thickness, profile or flatness and for profile measurement with traversing sensors.

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