Scanning Antaris

Scanning Antaris Operating Principle

The ANTARIS SCAN profile sensors are based on the innovative laser triangulation sensors of the ANTARIS series 2D.  Profile measurement is added by placing a dynamic scanner in the beam path for emitting and receiving units.
Position of scanning range, scanning angle and frequency are variable. They may be changed even while a measurement is running.
Due to high precision data acquisition for distance and scan angle, many applications for measurement of contours, profiles or positions are feasible.
The ANTARIS SCAN can measure virtually all materials, even hot or glowing surfaces.


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Antaris Scan Measuring Range (mm) Stand Off (mm) Resolution (μm) Repeatability (μm) Linearity (μm)
Antaris 1000 1000 300 5.8 ± 200 ± 250
Antaris 2000 2000 1200 20 ± 550 ± 960
Antaris 3000 3000 2000 33.3 ± 680 ± 1340
General Data
Laser type, wavelength Diode, 670 nm (red)
Laser power, class 3B
Enclosure rating IP 65
Power supply 24VDC
Scanning Angle 0o … ±10o
Scanning Frequency 0 … 40 profiles/sec
Measuring frequency 0 … 2.5KHz
Outputs RS485
Dimensions (L x W x H) 560mm × 200mm × 124mm
Weight ca. 14.2Kg
Operating conditions 0 - 40°C / 35 - 85% rel. humidity, non-condensing
  • Simultaneous measurement of width, side profile, thickness and weight per meter
  • Automatic adaption of scanning area in relation to object
  • Safe position of sensors due to large stand off
  • Total documentation of produced items
  • Complete supervision allows to take corrective action early
  • Measurement range and stand off can be optimised
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Air purge housing, cooler, environmental conditioning technology
  • Software for evaluation and visualisation
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