Scantron can offer a range of non-contact measuring systems specifically designed and proven for operation in the harsh environment of modern steel mills. Even in hot, misty or oily online conditions, we can offer sensors for measurement of speed, length, thickness, diameter, displacement, straightness, flatness or shape. Gauges can be fitted with environmental protective housings with air or water cooling to protect your investment and ensure the long-term operation of the gauges in the toughest of environments.
We also supply a range of offline and online devices, designed and built in-house, specifically with the metals industry in mind.  From automatic scanning shape tables to bespoke defect detection systems for plates and sheets. If you don’t see a solution for your project/product, please forward an enquiry to our Sales team concerning your measuring needs.


Proscan MasterTrak Overview Proscan MasterTrak Overview

Proscan MasterTrak - a complete online thickness or width measurement and control system  Using a non-contact measurement technique......

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Proscan Magnum Proscan Magnum

The Proscan Magnum is a non-contact shape table for offline measurement of flatness or shape of aluminium or steel strip. Stresses within the rolled......

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Polaris Polaris

Polaris series; high-precision, robust, flexible The POLARIS series displacement sensors have proven successful in hundreds of difficult,......

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Atlas Atlas

Atlas series:  Small, PRECISE, versatile Building on the successes and proven technology of the POLARIS and ANTARIS series sensors, we......

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Antaris  Antaris

Antaris series:  The best sensor by far The ANTARIS series sensors work by the triangulation principle.  They provide precise results......

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Scanning Antaris  Scanning Antaris

The ANTARIS SCAN profile sensors are based on the innovative laser triangulation sensors of the ANTARIS series 2D.  Profile measurement......

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CALIX series sensors allow for thickness measurement from one single sensor housing. They can be used instead of applications consisting of displacement......

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SLR Series of non-contact, bidirectional, speed and length gauges provide extremely accurate speed and length measurements in almost any production......

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SL Series non-contact, unidirectional speed and length gauges provide extremely accurate speed and length measurements in almost any production......

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Using innovative ideas, RDMS raises the bar in measurement technology. The requirements are always different: The measurement of complete profiles......

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Contour Check Contour Check

CONTOUR CHECK is an inline laser light sectioning measurement system that collects all dimensions of several profiles and is able to detect production......

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