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Specialised non-contact measuring systems for in-line measurement during production, allowing for superior process control. With 35 years’ experience in non-contact measurement, we know if a measuring aim is practical and, more importantly, if it is possible. Scantron can offer a variety of turnkey systems for online measurement of thickness, flatness, width or finish by using variations on its established architecture. We work closely with our customers to provide a tailored solution for any requirement, from simple top profile control to multiple axis measurement with defect detection capacity.

Proscan MasterTrak Overview Proscan MasterTrak Overview

Proscan MasterTrak - a complete online thickness or width measurement and control system  Using a non-contact measurement technique......

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Proscan ChannelTrak Proscan ChannelTrak

The Proscan ChannelTrak was designed to measure continuously fed web materials, to accurately characterise the surface texture to within 0.5 microns.......

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Proscan MasterTrak 1 Proscan MasterTrak 1

The Proscan MasterTrak 1 measures and controls the top profile of your product. Using non-contact measurement to capture the true top profile of continuous......

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Proscan MasterTrak 2 Proscan MasterTrak 2

The Proscan MasterTrak 2 measures and controls product width or thickness. Using non-contact measurement to capture the true width or thickness profile......

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Proscan MasterTrak 4 Proscan MasterTrak 4

The Proscan MasterTrak 4 measures and controls product width, thickness, edge profile, top profile and base profile. Using non-contact measurement......

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