Online Laser Micrometers

Micrometers used for online applications such as grinding and extrusion.

Barline Barline

Laser System for on-line diameter control of bars and tubes. Barline Laser Measuring Systems are particularly suitable for the diameter control......

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Extruline Extruline

Extruline is a laser system designed to control the external diameter of extruded products such as electrical wires, plastic tubes and similar products. In......

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Quadraline Quadraline

Quadraline.XY is a laser system designed to control the 2 dimensions, height (H) and width (W) of extruded or rolled products featuring rectangle-like......

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Grindline Grindline

The Grindline.X Laser System has been specially designed for on-line gauging of the outside diameter of products manufactured by plunge type centreless......

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Wireline Wireline

Wireline.XY is a Laser Measuring System specially designed to monitor the diameter and ovality of steel and copper wires. The system has been designed......

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HWS.1 Handy Wire Scanner HWS.1 Handy Wire Scanner

The world first, really non-contact, hand held optical micrometer to check wires, cables and other similar products. Handy Wire Scanner HWS.1......

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Xploreline Xploreline

Use the Xactum Intelligent Laser Micrometers as on-line diameter gauges in the Xploreline configuration: No other instrument allows you to measure......

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