Line Lasers

Line lasers are used in industry and crafts for alignment of workpieces or machines.

They are used instead of rulers, set squares, limit stops or similar equipment. Most of the time lasers help in places where mechanical guiding is not possible, or in places where you need both hands free to work.

PD Series Laser PD Series Laser

PD laser: precise allrounder PD series line lasers are designed for heavy duty industrial applications where a clear, precise line is desired for......

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LD Series Laser LD Series Laser

LD laser: small & versatile Due to manual focussing from 30mm to ∞, an extremely fine laser line can be achieved at any working distance.......

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HD green lasers: tough & bright Diode lasers in the HD green series are designed to withstand day to day use in harsh industrial environment.......

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FD Series Laser FD Series Laser

FD laser: safe & waterproof FD diode lasers are designed for use in rough industrial environments. A waterproof housing protects the laser......

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UD Series Laser UD Series Laser

UD Laser: low mounting specialist The UD Series lasers are designed for installation at a low profile above the working surface. The UD series......

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UltraLine Series Laser UltraLine Series Laser

Ultraline laser: Bright & versatile Diode lasers of ULTRALINE® series are designed for installation at a low profile above the working......

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