Displacement/Distance Sensors

A range of displacement and distance sensors

Range starting from a resolution as little as 15nm right up to a max distance of 100m.

Fibre Optic Displacement Sensors
  These are retro-reflective optical devices. The sensors use bundled glass or quartz fibres to transmit light to and receive reflected light from target surfaces. The intensity of the reflected light is processed to provide the distance between the sensor tip and a target surface. Reflectance Dependent sensors (D Models) provide an output signal that is proportional to the target gap and also proportional to changes in reflectivity of the target surface. Reflectance Compensated sensors (RC Models) provide an output signal proportional to the target gap only. They are blind to (independent of) changes in reflectivity of the target surface. D models (Reflectance Dependent) are used for single axis vibration and stroking motions, where the target reflectivity is constant.   RC models (Reflectance Compensated) are used for translating and rotating targets, where the target reflectivity is variable.  
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Laser Phase Shift
The laser phase shift works based on comparative phase measurement. It emits modulated Laser light which is diffusely reflected back from the target with a certain shift in phase to be compared with a reference signal. From the amount of phase shift, a required distance can then be determined with millimetre accuracy.
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Laser Triangulation Displacement Sensors
  Our laser triangulation sensors measure dimensions without touching the surface. Production processes can be monitored permanently, ensuring quality and reducing rejects. The measurement systems are flexible and easy to integrate. Having no contact with the object to be measured, enables measurement of soft, sticky, hot or other sensitive surfaces. There will be no wear or tear at the sensor. There will be no traces on the surface. Laser Triangulation sensors are high-precision and robust tools that deliver reliable data for your production and quality control.   NON CONTACT No contact with the object to be measured, no wear and tear on the sensor, no traces on the measured surface. INDEPENDENT OF MATERIAL No dependence of chemical or physical material properties, colour or reflectivity. FAST Up to 10kHz depending on measuring principle. SYSTEMATIC Several sensors - even of different type - may be connected for one application. INLINE Measurement during production, also for fast processes. No need to take samples. No need to stop production.  
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