Laser Triangulation Displacement Sensors


Our laser triangulation sensors measure dimensions without touching the surface. Production processes can be monitored permanently, ensuring quality and reducing rejects. The measurement systems are flexible and easy to integrate.
Having no contact with the object to be measured, enables measurement of soft, sticky, hot or other sensitive surfaces. There will be no wear or tear at the sensor. There will be no traces on the surface.

Laser Triangulation sensors are high-precision and robust tools that deliver reliable data for your production and quality control.

No contact with the object to be measured, no wear and tear on the sensor, no traces on the measured surface.
No dependence of chemical or physical material properties, colour or reflectivity.
Up to 10kHz depending on measuring principle.
Several sensors - even of different type - may be connected for one application.
Measurement during production, also for fast processes. No need to take samples. No need to stop production.


Polaris Polaris

Polaris series; high-precision, robust, flexible The POLARIS series displacement sensors have proven successful in hundreds of difficult,......

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Atlas Atlas

Atlas series:  Small, PRECISE, versatile Building on the successes and proven technology of the POLARIS and ANTARIS series sensors, we......

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Antaris  Antaris

Antaris series:  The best sensor by far The ANTARIS series sensors work by the triangulation principle.  They provide precise results......

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Scanning Antaris  Scanning Antaris

The ANTARIS SCAN profile sensors are based on the innovative laser triangulation sensors of the ANTARIS series 2D.  Profile measurement......

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CALIX series sensors allow for thickness measurement from one single sensor housing. They can be used instead of applications consisting of displacement......

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